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Key benefits for your firm

  • Powerful Research Solutions for Every Size Law Firm

    Tracers is designed to help attorneys quickly find key pieces of information available only in public and private records. Instantly search over 42 billion records from any device and view the results in complete, easy-to-read reports. With scalable solutions and transparent pricing, you can seamlessly search in the best way for your law firm and customize the results to fit your needs.
  • Transparent Billing Detail and Customizable Options

    Within Tracers search history log, users can produce a statement of report costs specific to a Clio matter. Administrators can use the same search history to monitor the firm’s spending and usage and compare comprehensive searches versus individual records searched over time to determine the most cost-effective process possible. Choose the most efficient searching options for your law firm and get U.S. based account managers on call to help with all of your searching needs.
  • People Searches

    Get the most up-to-date and relevant contact and address history information of 99% of adults in the US with Tracers people search. If you need to reach out to friends or associates of a witness or person of interest, Tracers displays all family members and spouses with indicators of the relationship and other information such as assets, liens, or judgments.

How Tracers works with Clio

  • Tracers has a Single Sign-On integration with Clio, which allows you to access Tracers directly from Clio with one click. With this SSO integration, you are able to easily save your Clio matter numbers as the Reference ID for your search in Tracers. Download PDFs and searches from Tracers and upload them back into your Clio matter for easy storage, access, and organization.

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