TrialLine is a cloud-based legal timeline tool. Clio users can turn their cases into easy to interpret visual timelines. Filter and organize your case facts for use in strategy sessions, mediation, or courtroom presentations. Export category specific summaries. Share your TrialLines with experts and case stakeholders from anywhere, at anytime.

$129/User/Month or $1200/User/Year. To learn more about pricing, visit:

Key Features

  • TrialLine allows Clio users to turn their Clio matters into beautiful, interactive legal timelines. These customizable graphic timelines can be used in client strategy sessions, mediation, litigation, and courtroom appearances (including trial).

    With the push of a button, Clio users can import their cases and create individual events for the following Clio matter categories: Notes, Tasks, Activities, Calendar, Documents, and Communications.

    Once imported, Clio users can customize the look and layout of their case events, create new events, filter by categories, add additional graphics and documentation, and save specific looks and “Views.”

    Saved views can easily be shared with case stakeholders, including clients, experts, mediators, co-counsel, and opposing counsel. Sharing TrialLines is done securely through the cloud, and does not require any additional software purchases or installation.

    Law firm clients love TrialLine because it allows them to see, in real time, what is happening with their cases. Mediators love TrialLine because it easily educates them in preparation for mediation. Internal and external co-counsel love TrialLine because it allows for collaboration and visualization of case facts that dramatically improves case strategy meetings. Jurors love TrialLine because it provides an easy to interpret, fact-by-fact look at the events in a case.

    Like Clio, attorneys love TrialLine because it is cloud-based, which means law firms can access files, work on cases, and collaborate from anywhere in the world, on nearly any device. TrialLine data is secure and meets HIPAA compliant expectations for cloud software providers and data transfers.

    Clio users can also rest assured knowing that connecting to TrialLine does not mean having to waste time creating duplicate entries. TrialLine syncs to Clio accounts and allows for real time updates, meaning that any new information added to a Clio matter can easily be imported into an existing TrialLine.