Unbundled Attorney

Unbundled Attorney is a premium lead generation service that delivers exclusive leads directly into your inbox, Clio Manage, or Clio Grow account, in real time.

We work exclusively with family law, immigration and estate planning attorneys that provide unbundled legal services, and other more affordable options in their practice. Too many families are left unrepresented due to personal economic circumstances. We are impacting the affordability of legal services by empowering both attorneys and the public.

We empower attorneys by:

1) Delivering premium, exclusive leads that you can consistently convert into new paying clients
2) Educating on how to profitably offer unbundled legal services and other affordable options as part of your practice
3) Providing access to the latest practice management tools, document automation, CRM, and other technologies that streamline your business tasks, enabling you to lower your cost of services and maintain a high effective hourly rate
4) Connecting you with a community of like-minded attorneys and legal professionals who provide additional support, guidance and camaraderie

We empower the public by:

1) Promoting awareness of the increasing availability of these more affordable service options for people who may not be able to afford a large upfront retainer
2) Educating them on unbundled legal services, how it works, and how much it typically costs
3) Connecting them with compassionate attorneys who offer unbundled legal services as well as many other more affordable options in their practice

To learn more about how our lead generation service can help grow your practice, and to find out if leads are still available in your area, contact us at (800) 230-5984 or visit our website at https://www.unbundledattorney.com.

To learn more about unbundled legal services, and to hear from other attorneys we work with across the country, listen to our podcast by visiting https://www.unbundledattorney.com/podcast.