WiseTime is for attorneys with more important things to do than timekeeping. WiseTime passively captures your activity while you work and collates it in a private timeline. No manual tracking or start-stop timers. Once you’ve reviewed your activity, you can send it seamlessly to the correct matter in Clio. Magic.

Key Features

  • Autonomous, Passive Timekeeping
    • Simply work as normal, and WiseTime will accurately capture your activity without disrupting you. Relieving you of burdensome manual entries or start-stop timers, WiseTime provides a meticulous timesheet of your day’s work, ready to populate your client invoices for case matters in Clio.

    Automatic Matter Detection
    • Clio matter IDs are automatically detected from any document names and subject fields of your active windows. You can even add charge codes and descriptions before you send your activity to the corresponding matter in Clio, ready to be billed.

    Uncompromised Individual Privacy
    • WiseTime was designed with user privacy as a foremost priority so the control always rests with you. Your data is 100% private until you decide to share it. With individual user features you can control what data, and how much detail, from your activities is sent to Clio.