How do you compare Clio vs. Practice Panther?

Ask the right questions before choosing the backbone of your practice.

Clio Legal Practice Management Software: Clio vs. Practice Panther


Founded in 2008, Clio is the most reliable and comprehensive legal practice management software available. With 99.9% uptime guaranteed, Clio builds its time-saving features on top of the rock-solid foundation you need for your practice.

Practice Panther

Practice Panther is relatively new to the legal practice management software scene. It’s competitively priced and appears to check lots of boxes, but fast development has come at a cost to the fundamentals.
  • Security

    When you’re missing key security features, you put your firm at risk.

  • Speed

    When your software pauses, so do you.

  • Support

    With generalist support, the same person who sells you the product also answers your training questions.

Your practice management software will be the backbone of your practice. Extra gimmicks need to come on top of security and reliability, so take time to look at the essentials first.

Courtney E. Taylor

“Clio is a practice management solution that is amazingly easy to use. Having worked at other firms that used more traditional practice management software products, and after trying other cloud-based solutions, choosing Clio was easy. We were able to get up and running quickly and at an affordable price point.”

Courtney E. Taylor, Simas | Taylor

Thinking of the cheaper option? It could cost you big when it comes to security. Clio has you covered.

Secure log in. Every. Single. Time.

Why? So that only the people you want have access to your firm’s information. You’ll never be able to access your practice management software via your internet browser history—and no one else will either.


Clio is LCCA-approved, and is a founding member of the LCCA (the Legal Cloud Computing Association). The LCCA defines standards and best practices for the legal cloud computing industry. Only solutions that meet its rigorous standards make the cut.

Two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication is required by default, unless turned off by an account administrator. This ensures bad actors can’t get into your accounts with just your password.

Third-party verified.

Clio undergoes robust, annual audits by a globally respected security consultancy. It is also verified by all primary SaaS security auditors (Norton, McAfee, and TRUSTe).

Strong passwords required.

Choose to require strong passwords and set how often they expire to ensure the highest standard of password protection for your accounts.

Background checked.

All Clio employees are subject to thorough background checks—even those who never interact with client data.

The cost of your practice management software should never dictate the security of your clients’ information—or your career.

McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
TRUSTe Privacy Certification

How fast is your practice management solution?

Your practice management software should work when you need it to. This is a basic requirement for any software solution, but not all products are as fast and reliable as you’d expect.

When looking at server response times, Clio is 5X faster than Practice Panther on average.

When it comes to your practice, time is money, so choose the solution that will make you the most profitable.

Clio vs. Practice Panther: 5x Faster

Will you get the customer support you need?

Clio vs. Practice Panther: Award Winning Support Team

When you need a hand with your practice management solution, you should be able to call a helpful specialist with in-depth knowledge of the software.

But with Practice Panther, you’ll get a generalist instead of a specialist—the same person who sells you the product also answers all of your support, training, and data migration questions.

We believe you deserve a team of specialists supporting your practice and your career. With Clio, you can expect:

  • An award-winning support team who understands the importance of keeping your data secure
  • One-on-one training with a Clio specialist
  • A dedicated internal migration team that will help securely transfer your firm’s data into Clio

Who would you rather trust?

At Clio, we understand the importance of practice management software to your firm, so we hire and train specialists to make sure you get the most out of our product.

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