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CS Landing Page Header Spetsas Buist PLLC

Spetsas Buist PLLC

How Spetsas Buist PLLC doubled—and spends 50% less time managing records—with Clio

Learn how Orlando personal injury law firm Spetsas Buist uses Clio’s legal software for Personal Injury firms to stay organized, work efficiently, and grow.

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NA Legal Aid of Story County Peggy Michelotti Landing Page

Story County

How the Legal Aid Society of Story County increased capacity by 15% with Clio for Legal Aid and Served 32 Additional Cases

Learn how the Legal Aid Society of Story County uses Clio to improve efficiency and their processes—and how this unlocks more time to focus…

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CS Landing Page Header Reynolds and Associates

Reynolds and Associates

‘The time savings are extraordinary’—why Reynolds and Associates switched to Clio

Reynolds and Associates tried several legal software options, but nothing fit their needs—until the firm switched to Clio in 2022. They haven’t looked back…

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LinkedIn Email Header Instagram CS Landing Page Header Silver Immigration

Silver Immigration

How Silver Immigration Saves 4 Hours Per Client Intake with Clio Grow

Silver Immigration knew that from day one that they needed effective systems to help them save time, work effectively & decrease stress levels. That's…

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CS Landing Page Header Hemmat Law

Hemmat Law & Consulting

How the Hemmat Law Group, tripled their revenue, gets paid 4.9× faster, and opened a consulting group with Clio

The Hemmat Law Group has seen incredible growth in just a few years as a result of transitioning to Clio - including efficiency, revenue…

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Medina McKelvie

How Medina McKelvey LLP improved their collections by 3 weeks with Clio

The Medina McKelvey team uses Clio to streamline processes, simplify workflows, and, ultimately, grow their practice.

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