Clio Grow Revolutionized Client Intake at Evolve Family Law

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Evolve Family Law

  • 2020

    Year Founded
  • 11-50

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  • 2020

    Started Using Clio
  • Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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Comprehensive client intake for a busy law firm

Jayda Brimble, Onboarding Specialist at Evolve Family Law, is the firm’s linchpin to everything related to the client intake. 

She handles all of the new leads that come in, which includes scheduling consults with lawyers, collecting pre-consultation information, getting payments for upfront fees, and handling retainer agreements. 

Clio not only helps Jayda stay on top of her work, but it’s also the system of record for all of the firm’s client information. 

“Clio Grow has honestly revolutionized our client intake.”

How Clio Grow revolutionized Evolve Family Law’s client intake

Before Jayda and her firm started using Clio Grow, they used physical forms and scattered information collection methods that made it cumbersome to put into their system. It was also difficult to organize and keep track of important client information. 

The team adopted Clio Grow to improve processing time, keep information organized, and create better experiences for clients. 

“We are a client-centered law firm, and we want to put our money where our mouth is, which means using the right platform for that.” 

“We get clients through so much faster. We retain more clients because they see how easy it is to work with us.”

1. 10-minute intake with streamlined workflows

It used to take Jayda one to two business days to process a new client intake, due to all of the back and forth. Now, with Clio Grow, she can process an intake in 10 minutes. 

When taking into account a consultation, the entire intake takes under an hour. 

“Everything is templated in Clio Grow. We want to make sure we’re on top of everything, that everything’s going quickly.”

“Before it would take a couple business days to get new leads through our intake pipeline. But now it takes less than 10 minutes.”

2. Clio Grow’s pipeline view keeps Jayda organized and on top of every potential client

With the volume of potential clients reaching out to the firm, it’s important that Jayda can stay on top of what everyone needs at any given time. 

“Clio Grow keeps track of where everyone is in the intake pipeline. It helps me get them through in an organized fashion.”

“I can also see where they are—and if they’re missing something like a debit form or a petition question. It’s really nice to have the visual aid to keep track of everything.”

“Having everything in one spot has really improved the ease of staying super organized and on top of everything.”

3. Templated communications and intake forms make for expedient follow-ups

Having worked with so many different clients, Jayda and the team have prepared templated intake forms, communications, and follow-ups for all of their routine intake operations. 

“Having all my communications templated—and having everything I need ready to go—has made my life easier. Client communications through Clio Grow are super quick.”

“It’s so easy. On my end, I have to do virtually no information collection. It all gets input for me—and when I do have to do it, it’s a super quick intake process.”

4. Collaboration with lawyers eliminates siloing

With all of the firm’s client information in Clio, the team can collaborate effectively without hiccups. 

“Once I get everything on my side, I ship it to the lawyers—and then I also have access to their side. They can still get whatever they need from me. It’s all been super slick.”

“Our whole team uses Clio for almost everything.”

“I know that if I were the client, I would feel a lot better knowing that I don’t have to worry about anything. The firm has all the information they need.”

5. Clio keeps everyone up to speed 

Even though the team relies on Jayda to handle all of the firm’s intake, Clio Grow makes it possible for her to step away when she needs to—without any disruption.

“Anyone at the firm can see if a client has come in to pay, or if someone has come in to ask about something. They have a visual indication of where that person is at, so I don’t have to always  be completely accessible for everything to keep moving.”

“When I need to step away, anyone at the firm can step in and access everything.”

6. Clio Grow can be customized to specific firm workflows

As the firm evolves over time, Jayda has adapted Clio Grow to align with new processes.  

“I like how you can customize Clio Grow to structure your intake however you want.”

“I’ve made a lot of changes to our intake process, and it’s super easy to reflect that in Clio Grow.”

At a glance: Jayda’s client intake workflow at Evolve Family Law

  1. New leads. Potential clients go through the firm’s virtual reception where they fill out an intake form, which puts them into Jayda’s pipeline. They can also go through the firm’s website, where they give their information through a chat bot, which also gets put into Clio Grow. 
  2. Contact creation and upfront consultation fees. Jayda opens a matter with the new contact information and sends an automated payment template through Clio Grow’s payment portal, which provides all of the firm’s payment options.
  3. Pre-consultation. Once the payments come in, Jayda sends a templated email with a more detailed questionnaire. All of the information from the questionnaire automatically gets put into custom fields in Clio. Once that’s set up, Jayda sends a booking link through Clio Grow and exports all of the client information into Clio Manage for the lawyers. That way, they have all the information from the questionnaire to prepare for the consultation. 
  4. Engagement agreements. Once the consultation has been completed, Jayda sends a templated engagement agreement from Clio Grow. Depending on the matter, she also sends additional forms to get more specific information, which gets uploaded to Clio Manage as well.

Manual, paper-based intake is a relic of the past

Jayda gets wind of other firms still using paper forms for their client intake, and she doesn’t understand why they haven’t shifted to a platform like Clio. 

The time-savings are huge with Clio Grow, and it’s a hassle to do intake any other way. 

“For anyone in an admin role, Clio Grow is super easy to use. Any admin team would do great with it.”

“It’s basically an awesome intake platform. I would definitely say Clio Grow is the way to go.”

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