How Quill and Arrow sets its staff up for success with Clio

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Dennis Morris - Quill & Arrow

Quill and Arrow LLP

  • 2019

    Year Founded
  • 50+

    Number of Staff
  • 2019

    Started Using Clio
  • California, USA

  • Contingency

    Fee Types
  • Personal Injury

    Practice Areas

Exceptional legal practice starts with exceptional people

At the heart of any great law firm is a roster of great people—and Dennis Morris, Litigation Paralegal at Quill and Arrow LLP, is no exception.

Dennis has a highly decorated background. He practiced as a licensed attorney in California for 15 years before becoming a medical physician. Most recently, he’s spent three years teaching medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he’s currently based. Only recently, having missed working in law, he’s taken a remote position with Quill and Arrow.

Quill and Arrow knows the value of employing exceptional people, and having the right technology gives people like Dennis the ability to quickly access the information they need to do their best work. It also gives them more opportunity to live their best lives, whether living close to the office, or across borders in other countries.

“Law requires great precision. It’s super important that you have efficient tools, because otherwise it will impede the work. Eventually a motion could fail because of it. It has everything to do with what we do for our clients.”

How Quill and Arrow sets its staff up for success with Clio

In his work, Dennis is dedicated to providing thorough and precise work to the attorneys he works with. And much of this is dependent on him getting access to the information he needs through Clio.

“The quicker I can get the documents that I need, the more time I can put into writing and organizing what I’m doing. My work product will be that much better. It benefits the client. It benefits the firm.”

1. Saving Dennis the 1,300-mile commute

Dennis lives 1,300 miles away from Quill and Arrow’s office in Los Angeles, California. Yet, he can access everything he needs from the firm without any issue.

“When we have a motion to file, I work with the client’s file, and Clio gives me access to all the information related to pending motions, any information that the client may have—any examples provided by the attorneys or letters to counsel—things like that.”

“Having Clio is really, truly a benefit, because I can access client files from my computer to get all the relevant information I need to develop whatever issues, arguments, or information that we need to develop a motion.”

2. Fast, efficient case management that makes it easy to find specific files

Access is one advantage, but it’s also important for Dennis to be able to easily find what he’s looking for.

“With Clio, I can look up a particular case and client, and find information based on categories—previous motions that were filed, the complaint that was filed, things like that.”

“It’s efficient for me to get in and find any particular document. If a letter was sent by counsel, or if there was a motion filed on the matter, I can find it easily.”

“If we were working with paper files, and I was onsite at the firm, it would take me 15 to 20 minutes to find something. Now I can find what I need almost instantly.”

3. Up-to-date client communications, accessible to everyone

A problem for many firms is that client communications can quickly become fragmented, especially when multiple people are working on a matter. This can make it difficult to keep up with important details for a case. With Clio, any client communications get captured in the case file.

“You can look back and see all of the communications on the file. It’s very useful, especially if there’s a question or statement that needs to be mentioned.”

4. Easy and intuitive

It’s important that technology doesn’t get in the way of the work that needs to get done. Clio’s intuitive interface makes it easy to stay focused.

“The idea for me is to be able to find the document, pull it, study it, reorganize the information, and prepare the motion.”

“Clio’s interface is straightforward and simple. Everything is in front of me. I see where to find it. I don’t have to do too much searching around.”

“Clio is a streamlined system that I’m happy to work with. It’s very effective, efficient, and easy to use.”

5. Happiness and satisfaction is about making life easier

Having dedicated years to the study and practice of medicine, Dennis knows about what makes people happy.

“I’m a physician by training, and I do think that having tools that are efficient, streamlined, and effective definitely makes your life easier. In that sense, technology certainly promotes a certain level of happiness, or at least satisfaction, in your work.”

“Technology absolutely supports work-life balance in my role. I wouldn’t have this job without the ability to connect online through Clio.”

Clio enables Dennis to do work that he’s proud of

What works for Dennis is really about what works best for his firm, and he knows that quick and easy access to information is something that everyone benefits from—whether working remote or from the office.

“If at any time—before a court appearance, or at midnight, or whenever—someone realizes they need to look something up, the entire firm’s files are available to them. That kind of access is invaluable.”

“From a company standpoint, to have tools that are inefficient really slows down the process. It gives everyone an excuse not to get the job done, and it makes the company less efficient. “

“I enjoy my work very much, and I love doing it to the best of my ability. I don’t think I could do any better if I were sitting in an office at the firm. Clio gives the capability to be just as efficient as in the office.”

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