What our customers have to say about Clio

Sprunger & Sprunger Case Study

Sprunger & Sprunger

How Sprunger & Sprunger Doubled Their Billable Hours with Clio

Cory and his team built an administrative function that has been so valuable and efficient, he’s offering the service to other law firms.

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Google's LSA for Clio Joseph Runkle Case Study

From Zero Income to $250,000 with Google’s Local Services Ads for Clio

With Google's Local Services Ads for Clio, Joe Runkle created an “incredibly lucrative law firm,” growing it from $0 to $250,000 in two years.

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Nazareth Bonifacino Law Benefit

Nazareth Bonifacino Law Benefit LLC

How Clio "Makes Our Life Easier" at Nazareth Bonifacino

With Clio, Ginny Bonifacino and Natasha Nazareth are able to provide 5-star service to their clients while maintaining work life balance.

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Harvey-Jacob Law

The Power of Clio—‘The Work of 20 People, But All Done By Me’

Danelle Harvey-Jacob, ESQ, LLM, is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience setting up successful businesses with a $0 budget.

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Boag Law

Boag Law

‘I’d Rather Go with the Top Dog in the Space’—How Clio Compares

David A Boag, Founder and Managing Principal of BOAG Law, had been using another practice management solution for about nine months before he decided…

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Peter Johnson Law Office Customer Case Study

Peter Johnson Law Office

A Blessing in Disguise That Led Connie to Increased Efficiencies with Clio

In 2022, Connie Babcock, Business Manager at Peter Johnson Law Office, was looking to transition away from their server-based legacy software.

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