How Clio Payments Helps One Attorney Focus More on What Matters to Clients

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Building on 10 years of success with Clio

For over 10 years, Clio has helped Carl Berry manage his firm more efficiently—and he’s recommended the platform to countless attorneys and firms. When Clio launched the new Clio Payments, Carl knew he needed to get it as soon as possible. Since making the switch, he’s moved more of his operations into Clio to create a more connected system for his firm, which has helped boost his revenues.

“As soon as I found out that online payments were available, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. The set-up was fast and I now have one integrated place for everything in a platform that works outstandingly.”

What were the benefits of switching to Clio’s built-in payments from a third-party integration?

1. Saving time to focus more on what matters

As Carl knows, decreasing the hours spent on tedious administrative tasks is key to a thriving legal practice. Clio Payments is less cumbersome than his previous provider and the ability to work in one platform for his entire collections process saves him time—allowing him to focus more on supporting his clients.

“It’s increased my revenue because I’m able to be a lot more efficient using this software over any of the other platforms that I’ve tried.”

2. Carl has a unified billing and payments system

By setting up Clio Payments, Carl has created a platform to easily manage all client billing and payments. Payments are automatically deposited into the appropriate trust or operating accounts, and everything is tracked in real-time, which means that he no longer has to manage payments through a third-party processor.

“All of those things are now integrated into one package and it makes things a lot easier and more efficient.”

3. Automated reminders eliminate bill follow-ups

Carl knows all too well that collections can cause friction with clients. Clio reduces the burden of follow-ups by automatically sending personalized reminders to notify clients of outstanding balances on a customized schedule. The process runs in the background and ensures that Carl gets paid faster. With interest automatically calculated for late payments, it also allows clients to see the financial impact of missing payments.

“With the automatic reminders, it’s no longer an intrusive phone call that you have to make in order to ensure the bills are coming in.”

4. Clients get a more effortless experience

Clients can pay in more ways with Clio, with the option to pay by debit, credit, or eCheck—and they have the ability to save their payment information right from intake, saving them from having to enter it for future payments or trust requests. Carl can also set up payment plans to automate payments on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

“There’s a continuity there that I feel makes clients feel a bit more comfortable. It’s just one stop for them.”

5. Clio Payments has improved his firm’s bottom line

The simple, flat-rate transaction fees—that never have network fees added on—are more straightforward and have saved Carl money since making the switch. The ability to process eChecks (ACH payments) also gets his firm paid faster.

“The flat fee works well and it’s less expensive. In addition to that, the fee for ACH is also less and the time to process it is shorter. If you’re running a small law firm, it’s helpful to get payments sooner rather than later—and to pay less for it.”

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