How to Increase Client Confidence by Automating Your Client Intake

Join this free webinar with Clio Grow Product Experts Alice and Aamnah, to learn how you can automate your firm’s communications to potential new clients without sacrificing that personal touch.

Are you looking to enhance the client intake processes at your firm?

By automating repetitive tasks and streamlining communication channels, you can efficiently manage client inquiries, provide timely responses, and create a smooth experience for potential clients.

Join us for a live product walkthrough with Clio’s product experts, Aamnah Izhar and Alice Wang, as they showcase how to:

  • Leverage text messaging and automated emails for seamless communication
  • Streamline and log communications for efficient tracking
  • Integrate Clio Grow with MailChimp to optimize client engagement

Plus, you’ll learn how to unlock the full power of Clio, and achieve seamless firm management, by syncing Clio Grow and Clio Manage.

Duration: 45 minutes

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Aamnah Izhar

Product Designer


Aamnah is a Product Designer working on the Clio Grow team, passionate about improving the intake experience for law firms and their clients through automation.

Alice Wang

Product Manager


Alice is the Product Manager for Communications on the Clio Grow team. She shows her passion for human connection through both her professional and individual self, and is always interested in learning more about the experiences of users.