An Innovate Legal Online Virtual Meetup

Equality and Equity in the Law: Empowering Diverse Leaders

A more equitable law firm is a stronger law firm. Learn how we can dismantle barriers and build the pipeline of leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Inclusivity in the legal industry matters—both within the internal structures of law firms and in the delivery of legal services to clients. By consciously reframing antiquated ideas of what a lawyer or law firm looks like, we can make legal services more accessible and representative to all people seeking them.

This panel will discuss how today’s lawyers can translate these ideas into programs that support an inclusive practice and promote the professional growth of underrepresented groups at your firm. The panel will also discuss how diverse teams and adaptable working opportunities can support more agile working practices and an increased range of perspectives—which can, in turn, propel your business forward.

Meetup Overview:
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Kelly Hayes

Owner and Managing Partner

Stotler Hayes Group, LLC

In Kelly’s fifteen years of experience she has worked on behalf of hundreds of long-term care facilities and individuals appealing denials of Medicaid benefits, health insurance coverage, short- and long-term disability claims, and Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Applications. Her passion for provider-sided representation is second only to her enthusiasm for efficient process management and strategic thinking. Together she employs these skills to the global management of the firm, the oversight of its cases, and most enjoyably, to its client relationships.

Sheila Corbine


Big Fire Law & Policy Group LLP


Karina Cebuliak

Senior Customer Success Manager


Karina has worked in tech since 1998, back when the cloud was just something you saw in the sky! She is a Customer Success Manager at Clio, taking care of mid market firms, ranging from 30 to 150 employees. Her favorite part of the job is the relationships she has with her clients and sourcing out of the box solutions to their needs.

Elizabeth Spawn Stotler

Owner and Managing Partner

Stotler Hayes Group, LLC

During her ten years of practice, Betsy has focused on civil litigation and the resolution of complex problems faced by health care facilities. This practice involves various types of matters, including general collection, Medicaid eligibility, guardianships, and estates. Betsy offers a thoughtful, zealous and tailored approach to each case. Betsy also provides consulting services to clients to assist in finding the most cost-effective solutions to existing problems and alleviating future issues.