An Innovate Legal Online Virtual Meetup

Evaluating Key Components of a Tech-Enabled Law Firm

Learn how to critically evaluate your tech stack and uncover opportunities to run more efficiently.
Learn how to critically evaluate your tech stack and uncover opportunities to run more efficiently.

The first session of this meetup series, Evaluating and Modernizing Your Law Firm, will help you assess your firm’s technology-based processes and tools. We will discuss what technologies are crucial for law firm success in today’s digital era, based on findings from the 2020 Legal Trends Report and panelist Melanie Leonard’s extensive career in legal consulting. This session will help you evaluate your firm’s current technology, and where you should focus on making improvements in order to be more innovative and efficient.

Meetup Overview:

  • A virtual platform for learning and engagement among legal professionals
  • Featuring Melanie Leonard, Founder of 
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (40 minutes of panel discussion + 20 minutes of Q&A)
  • This session is part of a three-part series: Evaluating and Modernizing Your Law Firm

Hosted by: Emma Raimi-Zlatic

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Melanie Leonard


As a young lawyer working in large law firms in downtown Chicago, Melanie Leonard was horrified by the stacks of paper that coated the desks of her colleagues. In 2006, Melanie started her own firm, driven by a single guiding principle: No Paper Allowed. To achieve that lofty goal, she searched for a cloud-based practice management software up to the task. In 2008, Melanie discovered the newly launched Clio and became one of the first lawyers to deeply integrate the software into every facet of her firm. Over the next 10 years, Melanie built a thriving real estate law practice and successfully kept her desk free of paper. She then sold that practice in 2018 and began where she now helps other small law firms create efficiency in their daily workflows and optimize their use of practice management software. Melanie resides in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and their two ridiculously adorable children.