On-demand webinar 

Time to Say Goodbye to PCLaw: Why Law Firms Are Moving On

Embrace the flexibility of the cloud and take your firm to new heights with Clio

Get rid of clunky workarounds, unreliable support, data corruption risks, and expensive servers.

In today’s era where efficiency and flexibility are table stakes, legal professionals who continue to rely on outdated software that no longer supports your firm’s needs are falling behind.

Don’t let the limitations of PCLaw hold you back any longer. 

Register now for our webinar to discover the benefits of switching to Clio. In this panel discussion, legal accounting and technology experts who are familiar with PCLaw will unpack: 

  • The common issues PCLaw users face—plus the real cost of how they impact your firm.
  • The advantages of using cloud-based legal software like Clio.
  • The process of switching to Clio—and what makes for a seamless transition.

Duration: 45 minutes 

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Josh Veldman

Chief Innovation Officer

Gauvreau CPA

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.’ This is the mantra that has guided Josh’s approach to making innovative changes in firms for over 13 years. From his work as a business process modeler, to persuading the primary at a tax firm to change the physical appointment book to an online system, to his current role in driving innovation at a leading accounting firm, Josh’s goal has always been to solve problems using thought and technology. Josh is passionate about making things work better for everyone involved and increasing the “aha” moments for all.

Huraira Mansoor
Huraira Mansoor

Solutions Engineer


Huraira Mansoor is an experienced engineer with a propensity to drive efficiency, improve workflows and manage large-scale projects. Throughout his career, Huraira has worked in several fields including aerospace & aviation, nuclear energy, telecommunications, and technology. Currently working as a Solution Engineer at Clio, Huraira focuses on driving processes, executing improvements, and understanding customer experience through a pragmatically empathetic lens.


Jay Barrett

Partner Marketing Manager


Jay Barrett is a Partner Marketing Manager at Clio. He joined Clio in 2021 to support our vast network of consulting partners in North America, EMEA and Australia educate lawyers about the benefits of legal tech and how to transform their legal practices.