How To Use AI in Your Firm (with examples!)

You know your firm could benefit from AI—now, see how.

Learn how to leverage lawyer AI tools to become more efficient, profitable, and client-centered.

By now, you probably know what AI is—plus the benefits and considerations that come with it. But do you feel stuck when it comes to actually getting started with AI at your firm?

If yes, you’re in the right place—this webinar shares practical ways legal professionals can use AI at their firm (including demonstrations!).

In this webinar recording you’ll learn about:

  • Practical use cases for AI in law firms—from legal research to practice area-specific prompts.
  • Popular AI tools and how to choose ones that work with your firm’s budget and goals.
  • The limitations, risks, and ethical considerations of AI for legal professionals.

Duration: 90 minutes (1.5 hours of CLE credit, plus an optional 30-minute walkthrough of Clio-compatible AI tools including Smith.AI, Casetext and WiseTime)


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Josh Kubicki

Director & Professor, Legal Business Design Hub & Entrepreneurship Program

University of Richmond School of Law

Josh Kubicki, a pioneering force in the legal industry, masterfully combines design and entrepreneurship to modernize the way law firms and in-house teams operate. As the architect behind the award-winning Richmond School of Law’s Legal Business Design Hub, Josh imparts invaluable knowledge and differentiating skills to aspiring legal professionals. He also curates The Brainyacts, a daily newsletter shedding light on Generative AI’s potential in the realm of law.

Joseph Gibson

Managing Attorney and Founder

Employment Law Center of Maryland

Joe Gibson is a Maryland employment and civil rights lawyer. As the founder and Managing Attorney of the Employment Law Center of Maryland, Joe’s first priority is keeping his clients informed, empowered, and advancing towards success in their employment case.

The Employment Law Center of Maryland was invited by OpenAI/Casetext to participate in its closed beta of its GPT-4 powered tool, CoCounsel (the one that passed the bar exam). One of the Center’s core values is the use of technology to increase access to justice, i.e., making legal services faster and cheaper, therefore accessible to a wider range of clients.

Jessica Flowers

Attorney and Legal Designer


Jessica Flowers is an intellectual property attorney and founder of BuzzLaw, a modern law firm for creatives. With a background in branding, web development, and marketing, she bridges the gap between design and the practice of law. Jessica is passionate about font law, visual and interactive contracts, leveraging technology to solve problems in the legal industry, and educating fellow attorneys on incorporating design principles into their firms.


Erin Walker
Erin Walker

Director, Digital Strategy


Erin has been working in digital communications since Netscape Navigator was a viable web browser. She has helped clients from small businesses to international airports set and execute their digital strategies, and is the Director, Digital Strategy at Clio.

If you missed our intro session on the fundamental concepts of AI, catch up here:  AI for Law Firms: How It’s Reshaping Legal and Why You Should Care. Here’s what the attendees had to say!

“Great intro to a subject all lawyers will need to understand and implement.”

“So many CLEs are dry, boring, but necessary. This was the first CLE I found exciting in years.”

“Great CLE, very timely information on various AI platforms and how to incorporate AI into law practices.”

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