An Innovate Legal Online Virtual Meetup

Putting New Ideas into Practice at Mid-Sized and Large Firms

Learn change management strategies for mid-sized and large firms in this Innovate Legal Online Meetup with legal professionals.
Learn how to implement new ideas that stick.

The final session of our series, Evaluating and Modernizing Your Law Firm, will offer guidance on implementing new ideas and navigating change management. This session will focus on strategies specific to mid-sized and large firms, and will feature lawyer Jordan Couch who will walk you through how he implemented new processes at his law firm and drove meaningful success. The framework taught in this session was developed by our second panelist, Gerri Martin, whose firm, Software Analysis Corporation, specializes in consulting, implementation and training..

Meetup Overview:

  • A virtual platform for learning and engagement among legal professionals
  • Hosted by Karina Cebuliak, Customer Success Manager at Clio, featuring Jordan Couch, Partner at Palace Law and Gerri Martin, Consultant at Software Analysis Corporation
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (40 minutes of panel discussion  + 20 minutes of Q&A)
  • This session is part of a three-part series: Evaluating and Modernizing Your Law Firm
  • Sponsored by NetDocuments 
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Jordan Couch


Palace Law

Jordan Couch is a partner and cultural ambassador at Palace Law in University Place, Washington where his practice focuses on workers’ compensation and personal injury litigation. In his spare time Jordan works with local, state, and national bar associations to help others build a more modern client-centric law firm. Follow him on Twitter and other social media: @jordanlcouch.

Gerri Martin
Gerri Martin


Software Analysis Corporation

Gerri Martin, a Partner with Software Analysis Corporation with more than 30 years of experience providing comprehensive software product solutions, holds her undergraduate degree in Accountancy and is a CPA. Her Master’s Degree in project management keeps your projects running smoothly. As a long-term business owner herself, Gerri understands the financial and management implications of implementing software and business processes.


Karina Cebuliak

Customer Success Manager


Karina Cebuliak has worked in tech since 1998, back when the cloud was just something you saw in the sky! She is a Customer Success Manager at Clio, taking care of mid market firms, ranging from 30 to 150 employees. Her favorite part of the job is the relationships she has with her clients and sourcing out of the box solutions to their needs.



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