Protect your firm in today's remote work and virtual landscape

As the global pandemic continues to transform the legal industry, many law firms are embracing a more dispersed, virtual approach to the practice of law.

While the virtual law firm model offers many benefits, it also presents many challenges—including lawyers’ ethical obligations on client confidentiality and cyber security.

With the increase in ransomware attacks since the start of COVID-19 how can law firms ensure they remain secure in a remote work environment?

To help answer this question and more, we’re hosting a live and free 60-minute virtual interactive panel discussion with legal technology and cyber security experts.

The session will be moderated by Dr. Heather Anson, Managing Director of Anson Evaluate Ltd. Panellists include representatives from the Law Society, data protection lawyers, and cyber security professionals.

In this discussion, panellists will cover:

  • The biggest cybersecurity challenges facing firms today.
  • How law firms can prevent and protect themselves against hackers.
  • The questions firms should be asking technology vendors and suppliers.

Duration: 60 minutes

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