Law Firm Accounting Support

Learn the right tools and skills to ensure your law firm is financially efficient.

Making sure your law firm is financially efficient can be a challenging task, especially with accounting requirements, and cash flow and expense management best practices in mind. The great thing is—with some help from legal accounting experts, you can equip yourself with the right tools and skills to run a profitable law firm.

To help legal professionals like yourself keep up-to-date on essential accounting principles, we’ve put together a webinar in partnership with KORE Accounting Solutions for you to watch anytime.

This 45-minute on-demand webinar is hosted by Ashley Duffy, Senior Channel Development Coordinator at Clio. Ashley is joined by Inna Korenzvit, Founder & Principal Accountant, and Mark Khazanovich, Director of Operations, both at KORE Accounting Solutions. They’ll go over the basics of getting your firm compliant and financially efficient.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The unique accounting considerations for law firms
  • Cash flow best practices
  • Tips for effective expense management

Duration: 45 minutes

About KORE Accounting Solutions:
KORE Accounting Solutions specializes in providing professionals and entrepreneurs with the data and financial insights they need to stay compliant and make great business decisions. Learn more or connect directly here.

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