Key Insights on Legal Trends For Mid-Sized Firms

Improving performance at a mid-sized firm is tough—but understanding the trends in the market can help.

Discover new ways to improve operations and distinguish your firm against the competition.

We’ve officially launched our first ever Legal Trends Report for Mid-sized Firms, featuring newly-published data relevant to larger firms—and we’re excited to walk you through our findings!

In this webinar Joshua Lenon, Clio’s lawyer in Residence, will discuss mid-sized law firms’ greatest challenges and how to work on overcoming them.

Watch this replay session to learn about: 

  • The shifting performance gap between small and mid-sized firms.
  • Accelerated lawyer attrition, specifically in the last 12 months—and what it could mean for you.   
  • The lack of technology adoption, and its impact on flexibility at work at mid-sized firms.

Duration: 60 minutes

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Headshots Joshua Lenon
Joshua Lenon

Lawyer in Residence


Joshua Lenon is the Lawyer in Residence at Clio. An attorney admitted to the New York Bar, Joshua brings legal scholarship to the conversations happening both within Clio and with its customers. Joshua has worked extensively to educate lawyers on technology’s capability to enhance their practice, while also teaching tech companies about the unique needs of the legal system.