The Shift to Mobile Legal Services

Building Mobile Solutions into Your Law Practice

Mobile devices have become nearly ubiquitous in our society. Consumers have come to expect on-demand services, seamless experiences, and attention, across all industries—including professional services. This has set a new standard for the rhythm and pace required for client interaction.

This shift to mobile services is already disrupting the way legal services operate. Law firms are being challenged to get more done in a secure manner, to maximize billable hours, and to get people what they need when they need it. While mobile technology is increasing the demands on lawyers, technology also offers a means to practice more efficiently.

90% of lawyers already report using a smartphone for law-related tasks while away from their office. However, only 7% use their mobile phone to track time and billing, potentially losing billable hours. Worse, many law firms do not take basic precautions in securing their smartphones and data accessed over mobile devices.

Is your law firm prepared to go mobile?

This hour-long webinar explores:

  • Ethics to keep in mind when accessing client data in public
  • How to setup your mobile phone for secure access
  • What apps to choose for legal practice, including a sneak peak at Clio’s new app
  • How to protect yourself and your clients while practicing on the go

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