Organizing Your Firm: Tips to Get Your Everyday Tasks Done Faster

Say goodbye to scattered documents and information housed in different tools (or cabinets!)

Learn how to go paperless and centralize firm data—so that you can find answers and get work done faster.

Struggling with desks covered in sticky notes, endless piles of legal documents, and hours wasted searching for information? Disorganization is one of the top issues faced by legal professionals today, and it can lead to lost productivity, missed deadlines, and frustrated clients.  

To overcome this challenge, we’re sharing tips and strategies for running a more organized law firm. In particular, we’ll show you how the latest digital technologies can empower you to accomplish more each day—no matter where you are.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover:

  • What easy-to-adopt strategies can help your firm stay organized
  • How to move to a paperless system and securely maintain files 
  • What tools can help your firm take back control of your time and workspace

Duration: 90 minutes

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Marco Delgado

Demand Generation Manager


For the last 5 years, Marco has been laser-focused on helping B2B technology companies reach new customers. Central to that mission is an intense desire to understand client pain points and the important role technology can play in alleviating those concerns, and ultimately drive change throughout the organization. In August 2023, Marco brought that passion to Clio, where as a Demand Generation Manager, he seeks to educate law firms on the benefits of moving to the cloud and why Clio’s all-in-one legal software is the ideal solution to help them build a sustainable and scalable practice. Marco is excited about the future of legal work and in particular, the potential of AI and automation to reduce monotonous tasks and make the business of law easier to manage for legal professionals.

Paul J Unger


Affinity Consulting Group

Paul is an attorney and one of the founding partners of Affinity Consulting Group. Paul focuses on national speaking/training, coaching, strategic consulting, and workflow design. He provides continuing legal education (CLE), legal-specific software training, and professional development programs for law firms and legal departments throughout North America. He is the author of dozens of publications & legal technology manuals, including recently published books, Tame the Digital Chaos: A Lawyer’s Guide to Distraction, Time, Task & Email Management (2020), Getting Your Digital House in Order (2023), PowerPoint for Legal Professionals (2023), and Adobe Acrobat for Legal Professionals (2020). He served as chair of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (2012-13, 2013-14), chair of ABA TECHSHOW (2011), and on the Executive Board for the Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA) (2017-18, 2018-19). Paul specializes in time, task & distraction management, document and email management, paperless office strategies, courtroom technology, and legal-specific software training for law firms and legal departments. In his spare time, he likes to run, swim, cook, garden, and restore old homes.