Innovate Legal Online: Practice Area Meetups - Employment Law

Navigating the changing Employment Law landscape during the COVID-19 crisis. Join this virtual Employment Law gathering, as part of our Innovate Legal series of practice area e-meetups.

Navigating the changing Employment Law landscape during the COVID-19 crisis

Join this virtual Employment Law gathering on April 15, as part of our Innovate Legal series of practice area e-meetups.

These online events will give you the chance to connect with others in your field to discuss strategies for navigating the unique challenges and restrictions that COVID-19 is presenting for legal professionals like yourself.

Each meetup will feature an expert panel, who will share best practices on how to approach the obstacles in your industry, as well as include a Q&A session where participants can ask questions and share their own experiences. There will also be opportunities for peer networking via the live chat platform.

Innovate Legal Online: The Practice Area Meetup Series

  • Hosted by Clio’s Affinity Team and a panel of legal experts
  • Creating a virtual platform for learning and engagement among practice area peers
  • Duration: 1 hour (30 minutes of panel discussion + 30 minutes of Q&A and networking)
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