Client Intake Checklist

Effective client intake is a cornerstone of any successful law firm. But because every client, and every firm, is different, finding a formula that works can be a challenge. Clio’s Client Intake Checklist illustrates a best-practice approach to intake that will ensure your firm is taking on the right prospects, and converting them into valuable clients.

Client Intake Checklist

With Clio’s Client Intake Checklist, you’ll be able to deliver an intake experience that doesn’t just make sense for your firm—but one that is smooth and straightforward for your clients.

In this checklist, you’ll find all of the steps needed to successfully engage a new client, including: 

How to capture interest
Effective client screening
Conducting your first meeting
What comes after onboarding

Whether you are a seasoned attorney or a legal professional seeking to enhance your firm’s operations, this checklist provides a blueprint for a seamless, effective—and profitable—client intake experience.

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