The New Clio Experience: Reimagined, Restructured, and Reengineered.

Introducing the new Clio experience, a thoughtful reinvention of Clio’s industry-leading legal practice management software.

Clio App Clio App
Designed With You in Mind

Designed with you in mind.

The new Clio experience has been designed from the ground up. We've redeveloped Clio's navigation and design to center on your needs, making it easier to find information and complete tasks. The new Matter Dashboard is so intuitive, you’ll complete your daily tasks without thinking twice. The new Activities page is interactive, customizable, and will help you accomplish more in less time.

"The new UI makes better use of space allowing me to do and see more in a single screen. The buttons and drop-downs feel more intuitive, and the ability for customization is a welcomed touch."

Kevin Vela, Vela Wood

5X faster.

Not only is the new Clio experience an order of magnitude faster, we’ve laid the foundation for a future of constant improvement by implementing the latest technologies. The new Timekeeper makes it effortless to capture every billable minute, and the more comprehensive Global Search helps you quickly find meaningful results from every part of Clio, including Custom Fields.

"It looks slicker. It's faster, and it's intuitive, especially for experienced users. The search results are more useful, and the parts of the interface you need most often are always there, with no scrolling."


5X Faster
Easier billing, quicker payments

Easier billing, quicker payments.

With Clio’s intuitive new billing interface, you’ll create, approve, and send bills in minutes, not days. Bulk actions let you record one payment across multiple bills with a single click, and Auto Trust Application approves and applies all available trust funds so you don’t have to.

More connected than ever.

Clio’s new App Directory allows you to easily find and connect your firm to over 70 leading apps that integrate directly with Clio. Integrations include Microsoft Office 365, Box, Zapier, Fastcase, QuickBooks Online, and many more. With Clio as your firm’s central platform, your practice can go deeper, and further, than with any other tool.

Connect your essentials

The new Clio experience features over 220 improvements, including:

Global Navigation

Faster, easier access to your most used daily tasks with a single click.


Enhanced filters and an intuitive layout for simplified yet powerful time and expense tracking.


Time recording with a single click to ensure no billable hours are lost.


Smoother and faster with better batch billing.


Easier and more powerful with bulk payments and automatic trust application.


Up to 20X faster, with more accurate results.


Faster sync and simpler trust reconciliation with QuickBooks Online.


Easier phone and email logging.