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American’s spend an average of 45 minutes commuting to and from work on a typical day with the IRS’s estimated driving cost of $.051 per mile. That’s an average of $23.00 per day of direct driving. At 90 minutes per day, you would be adding the equivalent of almost an entire work day to each week.

If you consider 50 work weeks in a year, accounting for a 2-week vacation, you would be losing $5,750 a year in commuting. That’s 375 Hours lost a year which equals to over 15 days a year. A 10 year period would cost you over $57,000 and more than 150 days lost to driving that could have been better spent with your family, friends and personal interests.

With today’s technology, we can say goodbye to those hours of commuting, those thousands of dollars per year.
THAT! Collaborate products and services will make your regular office a virtual office and take back those lost days, those thousands of dollars for yourself! Allowing you to focus on running your business and not having the technology of your business run you.

Clio Specializations

  • Clio Account Setup
  • Document Templates & Automation
  • Migrations
  • Training
  • Office 365 Integrations
  • 3rd Party Integrations


  • Kerio Preferred Partner


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