How to Switch Legal Software: A Guide for Law Firms

Law firms understand the need to break free of outdated server-based systems and embrace the flexibility of the cloud—but sometimes, that’s easier said than done. This comprehensive hub, featuring practical tips and resources, is here to help you transition from outdated systems to the cloud with confidence.

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Stuck in a contract with the wrong legal software?

Get a credit of up to 6 months* to offset the remaining cost of your current software contract when you switch to Clio.

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Moving to Clio FAQs

What type of migration support does Clio provide law firms moving from a server-based platform?

A dedicated Migration Specialist will work with you to securely transfer your data from your database to Clio, so your firm can finally access everything in the cloud.

Does Clio offer free training and onboarding for my law firm staff?

Yes, we’ll provide you with free, on-demand training through our online academy, so you can start using Clio quickly. You also have the option of booking a live training session with one of our experts.

How does Clio support data maintenance and backup?

To ensure your account data remains accessible at all times, Clio performs regular automatic backups and makes use of geo-redundancy for its infrastructure. You can also make use of our data escrow feature to automate backups of your data.

Does Clio meet industry standards for security and compliance?

Clio is GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI compliant. We continuously monitor for potential vulnerabilities and review and update our code and systems configuration to ensure your data is always protected.

What tools does Clio integrate with?

Clio’s App Directory features integration options with 250+ tools and apps commonly used by law firms, from Gmail, Outlook, and Zoom to NetDocs, Quickbooks, and Zapier.

Switch to Clio’s cloud-based software with confidence

  • Get free data migration support
  • Take advantage of onboarding and training support
  • Get financial support to break free from a contract with your current provider
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