Episode 54: André Robert Lee, Director, Producer, Professor, and Keynote Speaker at Point Made Learning

André Robert Lee has devoted his life’s work to fighting injustice. A film director, producer, professor, and speaker with the Diversity & Inclusion company Point Made Learning, André has worked with hundreds of organizations, educational institutions, and community groups on issues of race and bias—and he has valuable insights to share.


In this episode, André and Jack Newton discuss:


  • André’s life story, and the films he’s directed and produced with Point Made Learning
  • Methods Point Made Learning uses to educate corporations and groups to help dismantle systemic racism and foster inclusion
  • Ways that law firms, legal associations, and firm leaders can create positive change
  • What it’s been like living in New York City during the time of COVID-19 and the George Floyd protests
  • Why André has hope for the future