Episode 67: Brooke Moore, Founder of MyVirtual.Lawyer

After going through an extremely difficult period in her career and life, attorney and entrepreneur Brooke Moore knew she needed a change—and she founded a subscription-based, limited-scope virtual law firm as a result.

As Founder of MyVirtual.Lawyer and Co-founder of MVL Licensing and {Shift}her, Brooke is changing the landscape of legal service delivery and women’s business development. In this episode, she and Jack Newton discuss:

  • The challenging experiences that caused Brooke to found MyVirtual.Lawyer
  • How MVL delivers legal services differently as a virtual firm, and the advantages of doing so
  • How Brooke helps other law firms adopt her business model via her licensing company
  • How Brooke helps other businesswomen succeed with her {Shift}her mastermind model
  • Brooke’s advice for women in the legal industry