Episode 49: Mary McQueen, President, National Center for State Courts

Long before there was a pandemic, the process of jury selection was due for an upgrade. Once the coronavirus hit, creating a more agile and inclusive court system became a necessity almost overnight. As President of the National Center for State Courts (NCSC), Mary McQueen is on the front lines of change in America’s state court systems—and she has witnessed a shift in how judges and courts are operating.

In this episode, Mary discusses:

  • How courts can be more agile, now and in the future
  • Why it’s essential for the legal industry to find new ways of problem-solving 
  • Some of the major barriers to inclusion and access to justice surrounding jury selection
  • How courts can make more of a difference

For more information and resources from the NCSC, visit www.ncsc.org. And to watch the example of Zoom jury selection Mary references in the interview, visit: https://youtu.be/H1XrO1nM7B8