Episode 63: Greg McLawsen, Founder and Managing Attorney at Sound Immigration

Long before COVID-19, immigration lawyer Greg McLawsen’s law firm operated remotely—and he practiced while traveling around the world. During the pandemic, Greg is helping Sound Immigration’s clients navigate these difficult times from his home in Seattle. (Until he can buy a boat—then he’ll practice from the sea.)

In this wide-ranging interview, Greg and Jack Newton discuss:

  • The impact of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on DACA
  • The ramifications of the Trump administration’s freeze on foreign work visas
  • The challenges of practicing law and caring for children during a pandemic
  • The long-term effects this time period will have on Immigration Law and the legal industry

You can read Greg’s recent blog post on U.S. immigration policy and COVID-19 here, and you can listen to Greg’s previous interview on the client experience (from the Matters podcast) here.