Episode 91: Gyi Tsakalakis, President and Co-founder of AttorneySync

Gyi Tsakalakis is a law firm marketing expert. As a former lawyer who now runs an SEO and digital marketing agency, he’s watched the legal technology landscape evolve over the past 15 years—and accelerate dramatically since the start of COVID-19. In this interview, Gyi and Jack Newton discuss important aspects of legal marketing in the pandemic era.
Specifically, this episode covers:
  • How the legal industry has changed since Gyi started AttorneySync, and how those changes have sped up during COVID-19
  • Why it’s a competitive advantage for firms to embrace technology
  • The importance of designing a great experience for potential new clients
  • How law firms can generate new business by marketing themselves better online
  • What lawyers need to know about SEO
Gyi Tsakalakis is a former lawyer and President and Co-founder of AttorneySync, which uses digital marketing practices to help lawyers get found and hired online. Gyi’s core focus is search engine optimization (SEO), with which he helps law firms and other businesses improve their core metrics with the web.
Gyi also assists other businesses with online marketing at EPL Digital, and he is an advisor to the legal tech companies Lawmatics and Gideon Software, Inc.
To learn more about AttorneySync or EPL Digital, visit www.attorneysync.com or https://epldigital.com/, respectively. And follow Gyi on Twitter at @gyitsakalakis