Episode 81: Nicole Bradick, Founder and CEO, Theory and Principle

Early into her legal career, Nicole Bradick realized that she could have a greater impact as a technologist rather than a litigator and founded Theory and Principle, a company with the mission to improve the legal experience for all with thoughtfully designed digital products.
In this episode, Nicole and Jack discuss:
  • Projects Theory and Principle are undertaking to improve access to justice
  • How good design benefits the legal industry
  • The problems and pitfalls with ‘design thinking’
  • Measuring the impact of technology on the justice system
  • How can firms start preemptively addressing coming legal needs
Nicole Bradick is the Founder and CEO at Theory and Principle, a legal and justice technology product design and development firm. Theory and Principle’s team of designers, engineers, project managers, product managers, and strategists works with global law firms, foundations, legal aid organizations, and legal technology companies to design and build innovative web and mobile apps related to law and justice. Their mission is to improve the legal experience for all through thoughtfully designed digital products.
Nicole is a former litigator turned three-time legal technology entrepreneur, and the leading industry expert in legal technology product design and development. You can often find her doing talks on this topic on stages around the world, and she has been the driving force behind some of the most ambitious digital products in the legal industry.
You can follow Nicole and Theory and Principle on Twitter at @NicoleBradick and @theoryprinciple.