Episode 69: Shreya and Colin Ley, Co-founders and Lawyer-Humans at LayRoots

Shreya and Colin Ley met each other while studying abroad during law school—then they got married and co-founded LayRoots, a law firm bringing a new approach to Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Business, and Intellectual Property Law. In this episode, Shreya and Colin talk to Jack Newton about:

  • Why and how they founded their firm and embraced a new way of delivering legal services
  • The challenges COVID-19 poses for law firms, and how LayRoots has responded
  • The importance of adopting a data-driven mindset for making strategic firm decisions
  • How client expectations are changing in light of the pandemic
  • Shreya and Colin’s advice for lawyers thinking about starting new firms

You can watch Shreya and Colin’s 2019 Clio Cloud Conference presentation on building a unique law firm here.