Episode 53: Tiffany Graves, Pro Bono Counsel at Bradley

As Pro Bono Counsel at a large southern law firm and the former Executive Director of the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission, Tiffany Graves sees how systemic inequities affect minority groups on a daily basis. “Firms have to do more,” she says, to counteract institutional racism and bring much-needed reforms to America’s legal and justice systems.
In this episode, Tiffany and Clio CEO Jack Newton examine:
  • How the protests following George Floyd’s death have affected the American South
  • Whether or not we’ve reached a turning point in the fight to end systemic racism
  • How pro bono services and access to justice efforts can make a difference
  • How law firms and the legal industry must change in order to fix longstanding issues
  • How white Americans can become better allies and advocates for progress