Cloud-Based and Client-Centered: Your Law Firm’s Blueprint For Success

A cloud-based and client-centered approach helps law firms thrive. Adapt to changing client needs by leveraging cloud-technology, and watch your practice succeed.

What does a cloud-based and client-centered law firm look like?

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    Cloud-based law firms

    Cloud-based firms recognize the future of law is in the cloud, and are evolving with our changing legal industry. They acquire clients, provide services, and get paid online—or are quickly moving in that direction.


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    Client-centered law firms

    Client-centered firms are seizing the opportunity to reinvent the client experience from the ground-up in our digital world. They recognize that excellent client-centered service and efficient, firm-focused operations drive each other.

  • Firms Embrace Both

    Firms that embrace both

    Cloud-based and client-centered law firms adapt and thrive in our changing legal market. By leveraging technology with a sharp focus on meeting shifting client needs, they enjoy better reviews, more referrals, more new business, and more returning clients.

How cloud-based and client-centered is your law firm?

How much of your firm operations are cloud-based?

When the backend of your law firm is in the cloud, your team collaborates seamlessly no matter where they are. You’ll also be able to take advantage of various automations to make every step of managing a case more efficient.

How much of the client journey is cloud-based at your law firm?

As client needs change, your law firm must continue to adapt. Already, many stages of the client-journey are in the cloud. Here’s what a cloud-based client journey looks like:

  • Clients can easily find your firm and contact you online.
  • The first consultation is booked online and held over video.
  • You share updates via online platforms, meet clients online, and send documents electronically for review.
  • At the close of a case, clients can easily pay online via credit card.
  • Satisfied clients leave positive reviews online—and refer your firm to friends and family.


To what extent do you follow the five values of a client-centered law firm?

Client-centered law firms abide by the following five values to ensure a clear understanding of client needs to create effortless client experiences.

  1. Develop deep client empathy
  2. Practice attentiveness
  3. Generate ease with communication
  4. Demand effortless experiences
  5. Create clients for life

How do your firm operations enable your team to create better client experiences?

As outlined in Jack Newton’s book, The Client-Centered Law Firm, a client-centered approach is not in opposition to a firm-focused one. In fact, both drive each other, creating a flywheel effect that leads to long term success for your law firm. 

Successful, client-centered law firms are constantly adapting their back office to make things more efficient, more effective, and to create an overall better working environment for their teams. In turn, their teams have more time and resources to focus on serving clients and creating excellent, effortless legal experiences.

Become a cloud-based and client-centered law firm today

Learn more about succeeding as a client-centered law firm: Read or listen to a free preview of The Client-Centered Law Firm, the #1 bestselling book by Jack Newton.