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Watch How Law Firms Use Clio [August Series]

From August 12-16 learn why over 150,000 legal professionals use Clio’s leading cloud-based legal software.

Upcoming Webinar Aug 12, 2024
Clio Resource

From Drafted to E-Filed: Simplifying the Court Document Workflow with Clio

On July 30th, discover how to efficiently manage documents and deadlines using Clio.

Upcoming Webinar Jul 30, 2024
Clio Resource

5 Things to Know About Clio File

Clio integrates e-filing and case management into one convenient system, reducing errors and streamlining workflows for greater efficiency. Come check it out!

Article 5 minutes well spent
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[Product Tour] Watch How Law Firms Use Clio for Client Intake

Join this webinar on June 25 to learn how you can automate your firm’s client intake process with Clio Grow.

Clio Resource

How Spetsas Buist PLLC doubled—and spends 50% less time managing records—with Clio

Learn how Orlando personal injury law firm Spetsas Buist uses Clio’s legal software for Personal Injury firms to stay organized, work efficiently, and grow.

CS Landing Page Header Spetsas Buist PLLC

A Lawyer’s Guide to Motion Hearings

Learn why a motion hearing is important, how they work, and how they can expedite case resolution.

Article 8 minutes well spent
Image of a person in court raising a motion

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