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What Are Recurring Payments and How Can They Help Your Law Firm?

Does your firm offer recurring payments? Learn more about how recurring payments and other types of subscription services can help your firm’s performance while…

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Everything You Need to Know About CLE Requirements (With Examples!)

Meeting your state bar’s CLE requirements is an essential part of every lawyer’s ongoing professional development—learn more about the requirements here.

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CLE requirements

President Biden Signs AI Executive Order…but What Does It Mean?

Looking for more information regarding President Biden’s recent AI executive order? Learn everything you need to know in this blog post.

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Obtaining Free CLE Credits to Meet Your Jurisdiction’s Requirements

Find out more about CLE requirements in your jurisdiction, and how you can earn free CLE credits through online events and more.

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Shaka Senghor: How to Succeed by Building Emotional Connectivity in Legal

We sat down with Shaka at the Clio Cloud Conference to chat about his recent work and what he believes will have the greatest…

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Tips from Mel Robbins to Unlock Success in Your Legal Career

In an ever-evolving and challenging world, lawyers often find themselves battling stress, negativity, and a demanding workload. Read tips from Mel Robbins to improve…

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