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Will ChatGPT Replace Lawyers?

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm—and the legal profession is no different. So, what does the rise of ChatGPT mean for lawyers? Read…

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The Best Legal Document Management Software in 2023

Legal document management software can help law firms stay organized and find documents quickly—no matter where they are.

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Evaluating Legal Translation Providers: A Guide for Lawyers

Whether you need help with a one-off legal translation or are looking to develop a long-term relationship with a translation provider, consider these steps…

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The Benefits of Managed IT Services for Law Firms

Ready to hand over the IT rein to a managed service provider? Read this post to learn more about managed IT services for lawyers.

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Beyond Twitter: Why Lawyers Are Expanding Their Social Media Presence

Looking for social media platforms for lawyers? Learn more about where lawyers are going—and how you can leverage social media to network with other…

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Your New Year’s Guide to Financial Planning for Lawyers

The New Year is coming - no more excuses! Read our guide to financial planning for lawyers to set yourself and your law firm…

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