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Virtual Courtrooms: What to Know About Them

Make sure your virtual court appearances are effective by understanding the ins and outs of virtual courtrooms. Learn best practices and the best technology.

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virtual courtrooms

The Best Law Firm Web Design Companies

Your law firm website can be a powerful marketing tool, with the right design. Discover how a professional law firm web design company can…

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law firm web design companies

A Guide to Pre-Trial Motions

Making effective pre-trial motions in a criminal case takes know-how and sound legal strategy. Learn more about common motions and how to handle them.

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Pre-trial motions

How to Hire a Law Firm SEO Expert

Discover how to hire a law firm SEO expert, their importance, how they boost your online presence, and attract new leads and clients.

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hire a law firm SEO expert

The Best Law Firm SEO Companies for Growing Your Practice

We’ve got a list of the best law firm SEO companies to help lawyers find their clients. Take a look to see what makes…

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Best lawyer review sites for law firms

The 5 Best Lawyer Commercials (and Tips for Creating Your Own)

Discover the top 5 best lawyer commercials. Learn what makes them stand out and get expert tips to create your own effective legal ads.

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best lawyer commercials

Understanding Judicial Codes of Conduct: A Guide for Lawyers

Find your state's judicial conduct code and understand its role in shaping fair trials, professionalism, and accountability within the legal system.

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Code of judicial conduct for all 50 states

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