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The Rise of the Robots

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Clio Payments: Stop Waiting to Get Paid

Your clients have become accustom to streamlined and convenient customer experiences — paying bills is no exception. Unlike the majority of modern businesses, most…

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Clio for Family Law

Family Law is full of detail and document intensive workflows — often repeated case after case. From collecting personal details and timelines of key…

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Clio for Civil Litigation

Every client expects you to deliver a win and as a civil litigator it’s your duty to build the strongest case possible to ensure…

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A Success Story: Strategizing Civil Litigation with Clio

Like many Civil Litigators, Michal Falkowski was frustrated by the time-consuming and tedious methods of running a Civil Litigation firm while using a manual…

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A Success Story: The Automated Legal Practice

Practicing law in a time of economic instability has been a common theme for thousands of practitioners over the last decade. Lawyers who have…

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A Success Story: Clio and your Family Law Practice

Family Law is largely a delicate balance of helping a client transition through life-changing decisions and managing the practical aspects of the law. There’s…

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