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Making it in the Big City with Clio

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The Pre-Vacation Checklist for Lawyers

Taking a vacation? Follow this checklist to ensure your law firm keeps running smoothly, and that you return refreshed and recharged.

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vacation checklist for lawyers

What 10 Legal Professionals Have Learned in 10 Years

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned over the course of your legal career? Members of Advocates, the official Clio community, share theirs.

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Clio's First Customer: How Catherine Merino Reisman Has Grown Over 10 Years

Within its first year, Reisman Carolla Gran had served roughly 50 clients. 10 years later, it has served nearly 1,200 clients. “Clio has supported…

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What Lawyers Need to Know About Ethics and Technology

Megan Zavieh shares her list of what lawyers need to know to make sure they’re adhering to ethics rules when it comes to legal…

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10 Predictions for the Next 10 Years of Legal Tech

What do the next 10 years hold for legal technology? Read predictions from members of the Clio community.

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How to Study For The Bar Exam: The Pros and Cons of Self-study

To self-study or not to self-study for the bar exam? Here’s what to consider before you make your choice.

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