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Webinar: Better Lawyering Through Mindfulness

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Beyond the Billable Hour: How Alternative & Contingency Fees Are Changing

Law firms working for businesses are finding themselves dealing with at least 7 new types of fees – from blended rates and conditional fees…

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How to bill an extra 8 hours every week

The average lawyer only bills 28% of an eight-hour workday. That's according to data looking at aggregate and anonymized data from 40,000 firms using…

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Build Your Own Virtual Law Firm

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Collaborative business development for mid-size and large law firms

Learn from industry experts on how to structure your firm in a way that promotes collaboration, a better client experience, and overall firm growth.

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Business Development Strategies for Law Firms

Is your law firm’s business development lacking? Whether too focused on looming deadlines or uncertain of the best development approach for their area of…

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Innovate Legal Online: Resilience and Energy: How to Develop Your Inner Game

Learn how to stay focused in times of high stress and uncertainty.

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