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Growing a law firm with a mission-driven approach

Dunkiel Saunders is a Vermont law firm on a mission to make a difference. Learn how the firm uses Clio to stay focused while…

Dunkiel Saunders

How Law Firms Can Benefit from Negative Feedback

As we saw in the 2018 Legal Trends Report, while law firms may be eager to understand their clients better, they’ve struggled to get…

Article 3 minutes well spent
Clio Resource

How Morgan & Cumbas Built a Practice Centered on Their Clients

Morgan and Cumbas

Bryan Stevenson on How Lawyers Can Make a Difference

As a legal professional, it can be easy to forget why you got into law in the first place. But for Bryan Stevenson, the…

Article 6 minutes well spent
Clio Resource

5 Ways to Engage With Your Client On Their Terms

For lawyers wanting to build a client-centered practice, thoughtful, personal communication can make all the difference. Here’s how to engage with your clients on…

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Clio Resource

Helping Clients Through Hardships While Running a Profitable Firm

Clio Resource

How to Improve the Client Journey at Your Law Firm

What is the client journey and why should your law firm be paying attention to it? Joshua Kubicki explains.

Article 6 minutes well spent
Clio Resource

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