Clio Kicks Off LegalTech New York with a New Round of Platform Partners and Services

Themis Solutions Inc.’s Latest Software Integrations in Clio Allows Lawyers and Law Firms Greater Customization of Their Legal Software

Vancouver, BC and New York, NY | Wednesday, February 4, 2015 – Clio is kicking off LegalTech New York 2015 by announcing a number of new integrations with several key legal technology partners. From filing intellectual property agreements and divorces to creating brand protection services, these new integrations allow lawyers to do more with their practice within Clio.

“As Clio’s customer base continues to grow, evolve, and embrace the benefits of cloud technologies, our integration strategy helps to connect them with some amazing software designed for the specific needs of their practice,” says Jack Newton, CEO and co-founder of Clio. “These new integrations further empower Clio customers to do more with their practice and put technology to work for them.”

These new integrations include partnerships with the following:


Plainlegal offers cloud-based intake software that collects information from a lawyer’s clients and prepares, files, and tracks USPTO filings, including trademark filings (TEAS and TEAS-Plus), copyright registrations, and provisional applications. With this integration, customers can sync their IP filings, USPTO docketing deadlines, client information, and billing with the rest of their practice in Clio.


Traklight offers a self-guided questionnaire that creates a custom intellectual property strategy for entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as an automated snapshot of business and IP needs for attorneys. This integration with Clio pulls a lawyer’s Traklight reports for clients and add them directly into their document storage or existing matters. Customers can centralize the IP needs of their business and creative clients with Traklight guiding them to the lawyer.


DomainSkate uses an industry-leading alert system that will notify law firm customers the moment that any trademark or permutation of that trademark is assigned anywhere in the Top Level Domain (TLD) space—that includes .COMs, branded TLDs, and the thousands of generic TLDs. Law firms can use DomainSkate to provide IP protection services to their clients, alerting them to threats they did not even know existed.


Lexicata is the only cloud-based CRM and client intake system designed exclusively for small law firms. It brings each step of the client intake process online to reduce data entry, increase organization and efficiency, and provide a far better client experience.


Smokeball organizes a lawyer’s important information for each and every matter into a digital filing system (every document, email sent, email received, file note, and calendar entry). With Smokeball, it is easy to keep clients in the loop—law firm customers will get documents to them faster, send them holiday cards, and be able to work as a team to help them more easily.


Intake123’s design-your-own drag-and-drop online form designer—with thousands of Standard Questions, Section Templates, and Form Templates for dozens of different practice areas—eliminates the need for custom programming to make and update online intake forms.


Divorcehelp123 allows law firm customers and their clients to collaborate online to easily generate forms such as: Colorado’s Sworn Financial Statement, Child Support Worksheet, and Spousal Maintenance Worksheet. Divorcehelp123 also allows users to create and compare multiple Child Support Scenarios, Parenting Plans, and Primary Care Offset Reports.

All of the integration partners listed above allow lawyers to build a toolbox for their practices that integrate in a manner never before available. Lawyers have previously been limited to the tools that a single vendor sold. In most cases, these tools do not communicate with other vendors’ tools, leaving lawyers to manually transfer data on their own, frequently resulting in lost or misplaced information. These integrations help resolve that issue for Clio customers.

Michael Chasin, Co-Founder of Lexicata, expresses the sentiments Clio’s newest integration partners: “We couldn’t be more excited to begin working with Clio. We see a lot of changes on the horizon in the legal industry, as more and more firms adopt cloud software to cut costs and improve their operations. By joining forces with Clio, the clear leader in the online legal practice management space, we look forward to providing a better client intake process for even more law firms around the globe.”

These new integrations will be demonstrated at LegalTech New York, being held February 3 to 5 in New York City. The show is one of the largest and most important legal technology events of the year. Information can be found on Clio’s LegalTech New York page.

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