Our Mission

We are committed to building cloud-based and client-centered technology that will
transform the legal experience for all.

Hear from our CEO and Founder Jack Newton

At Clio, we believe—on a foundational level—that we have a responsibility to change the world around us with our words, our choices, and our actions. We envision a world in which our legal and judicial systems promote justice in the truest sense of the word—a world in which it is easy for anyone who needs legal services to access them; for lawyers to have the freedom to practice the way they want; and for underrepresented groups in our society to get the advocacy they deserve.

Being the market leader for legal technology means that we have an added responsibility to set the tone for the next generation—and to help ensure that the technology shaping legal experiences is also serving the greater good. That is why, this year, we have revised our company’s mission statement to better reflect our vision for the future.

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Historically, our mission has been to transform the practice of law, for good. While this mission has served as an important North Star for our company, we want to take it a step further. Over the past year, we saw the issues facing the legal industry become magnified, and we quickly realized that our mission could do more to reflect our broader ambitions. To better support the permanent changes we experienced as a global community in 2020, Clio is expanding its mandate to include how society engages with, delivers, and experiences legal services. We are extremely excited to announce that our mission statement has evolved: As of today, Clio’s mission is to transform the legal experience for all.

By focusing on the legal experience, Clio’s new mission encompasses every stakeholder within our legal and judicial systems—from legal professionals to legal organizations, clients, and consumers. This encompasses more than improving our software products; it’s about the larger impact we can have on the legal experience, on a global scale.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that the future of legal services is cloud-based and client-centered, and that fostering these advancements will drive positive social change. By centralizing and simplifying business operations for law firms and enabling legal professionals to connect with clients anywhere, anytime, we can transform the ways in which legal services are sought out and delivered. This is an opportunity for a paradigm shift, requiring lawyers to adopt a client-centered approach to pricing, packaging, and delivering legal services. We believe doing this will break down barriers to legal services for consumers and make it easier for clients and law firms to work together more thoughtfully and effectively. It’s time to create a more inclusive legal community and a more equitable legal system.

On behalf of everyone at Clio, we are thrilled to be on this journey of transforming the legal experience for all—with you.



We are centralizing and simplifying business operations for law firms

We have seen a massive adoption of cloud-based technology as a means for lawyers to keep their firms running smoothly and continue to support their clients in a rapidly-changing environment. To best support lawyers in running their firms and supporting their clients, we are taking a holistic approach to building solutions that are both cloud-based and client-centered.


    Supporting the industry’s move to the cloud

    Data from our 2020 Legal Trends Report, shows a massive adoption of cloud-based technology among law firms, with the vast majority (85%) using software to manage their practice, and 79% of lawyers relying on cloud-based technology to store their data. By way of our 24/5 support team, migrations team, and everyone at Clio, we are ensuring legal professionals’ move to the cloud is a successful one.

    Planning for the future

    This shift to the cloud isn’t temporary: it’s the future reality for the industry and a critical factor if firms want to survive and thrive as we build a better normal. We actively invest resources into understanding what the future holds, and building solutions that will support it.


We are creating new solutions for lawyers to better serve their clients

We enable law firms to better communicate and collaborate between staff and with clients, wherever they are located. We believe that the adoption of remote technology will remain a lasting staple among legal service providers.

  • Enabling remote work

    With integrations like Zoom, Dialpad, and Microsoft Teams, we’re equipping firms with the right legal collaboration tools that help improve communication and visibility, and that take in-person and offline processes online—helping firms grow their business from anywhere.

    Check out our legal collaboration tools


We are making it easier for legal clients to collaborate with their lawyers and understand the legal system

We believe that there is a massive opportunity to create a better experience for everyone involved in the legal process. We are focused on helping firms thrive by providing great client experiences every step of the way. With Clio, lawyers have the powerful tools they need to manage the client journey, keeping their clients at the center of everything they do.


Clio for Clients App
  • Building solutions for legal clients

    Our consumer-facing app, Clio for Clients, allows clients of Clio lawyers to receive updates and documents—and communicate with their lawyer—through one secure app designed specifically for them. As the leading cloud-based legal technology company, we’re helping clients understand how to navigate the legal system and how to meet client needs, while also building the foundation for creating better, more efficient, and more client-centered legal practices.

    Check out our client app


We are enabling the legal industry to make data-driven decisions

We invest heavily in creating the tools and resources legal professionals need to make data-driven decisions and truly understand their practices on a deeper level and create meaningful change. These resources and tools enable law firms to make data-driven decisions about how to improve client experiences, productivity, and revenues while acting with vision, understanding, clarity, and agility.

Legal Trends Report Cover 2023
  • Researching industry trends

    Our annual Legal Trends Report, the industry’s leading study of anonymized and aggregated data from tens of thousands of legal professionals, analyzes major factors affecting the future of the industry—and which characteristics the most successful firms have in common.

    Read the report
  • Providing firms with personalized, actionable insights

    Our Law Firm Insights Dashboard makes it easier for legal professionals to understand key metrics like their utilization, realization, and collection rates.

    Learn how we're making insights actionable


We are breaking down barriers to legal services for consumers

We need to create a more equitable and accessible justice system for all by innovating the way law firms deliver legal services—and increasing accessibility by designing truly client-centered experiences. We’re ensuring consumers are empowered to seek legal services when they need them most.


We are creating a more inclusive legal community and equitable legal system

We know a key factor in realizing our new mission is connecting with and supporting the broader legal community, which extends beyond our customers. By sparking industry conversations and creating a community, we’re able to shape the understanding of what’s needed within legal, and how to improve legal services for all.


Let’s transform the legal experience for all–together

At Clio, we’re fueling real change. In order to meet our ambitious goals, we’re looking for amazing new talent to join us on our mission to transform the legal experience for all.

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