Clearbrief and Legalboards Win Clio’s 2022 Launch//Code Developer Contest Grand Prize

2022 Clio Cloud Conference Launch//Code winners

Clearbrief, a patented AI platform, was named Best New App and Legalboards, a visual workflow automation platform, was named Most Improved App

Clio, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based legal technology, today announced the winners of its 2022 Launch//Code Developer Contest. Clearbrief, a patented AI platform, was named Best New App, and Legalboards, a visual workflow automation platform, was named Most Improved App. Both were awarded a $50,000 grand prize by this year’s acclaimed panel of judges at the 10th annual Clio Cloud Conference

The winner of the Best New App category, Clearbrief, is a patented AI platform for Microsoft Word that allows users to check their written work and save an average of seven hours per week on tedious litigation tasks. With Clearbrief, Clio customers can apply powerful AI technology to any document to automatically make the text searchable and, using Clearbrief’s “Add Cite” functionality, directly access and cite relevant documents in Microsoft Word.

Legalboards, winner of the Most Improved App, is a visual workflow automation platform that helps legal practitioners create and organize repeatable processes to reduce the time spent on orchestrating tasks along a case’s lifetime. Through its integration with Clio, Legalboards streamlines time tracking and organizing tasks, and improves the client experience by also automating things like email updates and communicating with clients.

Clearbrief CEO and Founder Jacqueline Schafer and Legalboards CEO and Founder Rafael Miranda presented their apps to a live audience and a judging panel of industry experts at the 10th annual Clio Cloud Conference today in Nashville, Tennessee. 

“Legaltech innovation is booming and that was very apparent at this year’s Launch//Code Developer Contest,” said Shubham Datta, Vice President, Corporate Development at Clio. “Clearbrief and Legalboards each presented an outstanding pitch on the Launch//Code stage. I’m thrilled to see them chosen as winners, and look forward to seeing how our customers leverage these technologies in their practice.

Clearbrief and Legalboards were two of six finalists for Clio’s 2022 Launch//Code developer contest, which also included: Hona (formerly Milestones) and Vxt for the Best New Apps category and myFirmData and Discovery Genie for the Most Improved Apps category. Each finalist designed and developed an app integration for Clio Manage that addresses a difficulty that legal professionals face when managing their business or growing their firm. Learn more at


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