Arken Professional

Private Client document automation – cloud-based, intuitive, catering for simple to the most complex of Wills. Automatically generates the Will, a unique Commentary in real-time, and branded signing instructions. It also includes LPA’s, GPAs, Advance Decisions, Expressions of Wishes, and Severance of Joint Tenancy. Associated digital tools further enhance efficiency.

Key Features

  • Adding in new clients shouldn't be something you need to generate in all the systems you use - you need one version of the truth of your client. Now, all client details created in Clio will flow through to the Arken Professional software, reducing re-keying and ensuring that one important version of the truth of your clients is kept within Clio. Resulting documents can also be downloaded from Arken and saved within your Clio application.

    Arken Professional aids the drafting of private client documents with an intuitive questionnaires which builds the Will and commentary in real-time on the right hand side for you to see. With inbuild system controls and flexibility for delivering the most complex of Wills with Trusts, multi-parts, complex distribution over 6 levels, 99 different gifts, to name but a few, your documents can be drafted in a fraction of the time. There will also be consistency across your practice for all documents produced so you can manage your risk and there is a manual edit function for those one-off special instructions. No need to write a letter to your clients explaining all the clauses as the commentary is bespoke and covers the Will in plain English with additional helpful features for example a sample memorandum for distribution of personal chattels.