Providing a quick and simple way to create maps
Available in the United States
Starting at $9.99 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • A simple way to make a map for your matters

    CaseAtlas provides easy-to-use tools that add points, lines, text, and photos to your maps. Print and export your maps
  • Visualize strategic concepts and get your key points across

    Take advantage of the power of maps to help you convey your message. CaseAtlas has everything you need to create maps that contribute to the case outcome you want.
  • Automatically stores your maps in Clio Manage

    Never worry again about maps saved outside of a matter in Clio. Stay organized and streamline your map workflow.

How CaseAtlas works with Clio

  • Maps directly integrated with Clio Manage

    Integrate with Clio seamlessly and efficiently so you can create and manage your map files.
    Automatically syncs map data, map content, and map exports with Clio Manage so you can easily assign them to the appropriate matter folder.

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