Contract Workbench by Lawgood

Lawgood’s Contract Workbench makes it easy to draft high quality contracts from scratch in just minutes. Customize clause language on the fly with crowdsourced market positions without having to do time-consuming research or rely on costly practice resources.

Key Features

  • Streamline your contract drafting.
    • Do less scrivener work so you have more time to do actual legal work. With our integration you can pull contact and custom field information from Clio right into your contracts to help streamline your drafting. Also, Contract Workbench empowers you to change clause language that you don’t have to draft yourself within seconds.

    Organize your completed contracts.
    • Organizing contracts on your computer desktop is a pain. With our integration you can automatically save completed contracts into the Clio document folders associated with the appropriate client, helping you keep your contracts organized and secure.

    Access precedent standards and positions.
    • Knowing precedent and market standards can make the difference in a deal or negotiation. With our integration, you can tap into crowdsourced standards and trends and use this data to customize clause language to your clients’ positions with just one click.