Corvum’s dialer allows you to easily call your contacts within Clio. The timer starts when your client says “Hello” and ends when you hang-up. Just add a few notes for reference and —ta da!— it’s logged. Your call time can be associated with a matter, and you can bill accordingly.

Key Features

  • Click-to-Call Dialer:
    • Autodial your clients right from your Contacts page in Clio Manage:

    • Corvum will call your phone (a cell phone or direct line). Once you've answered, Corvum will call your client for you.

    • A "Take Notes" button will appear in the Corvum portal. You can take notes and associate the call with a matter in Clio. When the call ends, the duration and notes will automatically be logged in Clio’s Communications Log for accurate billing.

    Keep Your Personal Number Private
    • When clients call your new Corvum business number, your cell phone will ring.
    • When you call with Corvum, your client will see your business number as the caller ID - not your personal number.

    Call Tracking
    • We keep track of your client calls so you don’t have to. There’s no need to start a timer; if you’re on the phone, we’re tracking it.

    Link Contacts
    • We recognize your calls, then automatically links them to your contact list and phone logs in Clio. Super organized with zero effort on your part.

    Take Notes in Real-Time
    • Take notes while you’re on the phone and conveniently associate them with matters in Clio.

    Post Calls to Clio Logs
    • We post all client calls to your Clio phone logs. Everything is synced, organized, and retrievable later.

    Associate Calls with Matters
    • Associate any and all billable client call time with the matter they pertain to, in Clio.

    Identify Billable Time
    • Identify billable call time accurately so you can bill for everything that should be billed for—easily.