Keep your key facts, witness testimony, and evidence organized
Available in the United States
Factbox Clio Integration
Starting at $38 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Organize all the facts in your lawsuits

    Clio Matters become FactBox cases. FactBox is cloud-based fact-management and chronology software designed specifically for litigators.
  • Link facts back to their source documents

    Connect key facts to documents and issues in your lawsuits. Everything stays dynamically organized and integrated. Sources in Clio are automatically available to your cases in FactBox.
  • Quickly bring others up to speed on your lawsuits

    No more outdated chrons. Everyone's work is connected, accessible and organized. Your Clio firm members are automatically added as collaborators in FactBox for your case.

How FactBox works with Clio

  • FactBox powers the practice of law and Clio powers your legal practice. Create an efficient and powerful litigation practice by integrating FactBox with Clio. Sign up for a 10-day, no-obligation free trial or a personal demo to see how FactBox can improve your workflow with Clio:

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